I grew up in a house filled with stuff, my dad being a pack rat. It always
frustrated me to think that he was just letting all this stuff sit, whereas
I had plenty of imagined uses for it (not that he was willing to part with
anything). Since there was not a lot of extra space, the few objects that I
“collected” were miniscule—now I suppose I make up for it by filling
the large building that I call my studio.

To this day, I don’t see what others would call a mess—my studio is just
an inspiring tumble of raw materials. The studio is a piece of my head—
literally, my creative space. Re-using discards and found objects has always
had an appeal for me. Not only do I have a penchant for collecting things,
but the gratification that comes from giving reclaimed material new life is unique:
I equate it with matchmaking—finding the perfect mate for this or that particular object.
Sometimes in the process, things just pull together as if they were magnetic… and
sometimes it’s a slog through seemingly endless bad marriages: nothing seems
to go together. But I keep trying.

The School of Visual Arts, NY, BFA, Sculpture, 1974

Selected Galleries & Exhibitions
SOFA Exposition, IL / 1999

Peters Valley Craft Education Center, NJ / “Gallery Without Walls” (group show) / 1999

American Craft Council Show, MD / 1999-2006

Myhelan Cultural Arts Center, NJ / “Salvage” (one man show) / 2000

The Works Gallery, PA / “Not Politics as Usual” (group show) / 2000

The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ / “Art in Boxes” (group show) / 2000

The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ / New Jersey Fine Arts Annual / 2001

Kohler Arts Center, WI / “Treasures” (group shows) / 2001 & 2005

Racine Art Museum, WI / “New Talent”, “In the Garden” and “Opulence”
(group shows) / 2001, 2003 and 2005

OXOXO Gallery, MD / “Underwear” (group show) / 2002

Folk Fest / Norcross, GA / 2002-Present

The Works Gallery, PA / “Found Object Art” (group show/book launch) / 2002

The Bruce Museum, CT / Group Show / 2003

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR / “Shrines”, “Numbers”, “The Game Show”
(group shows) / 2001, 2003 and 2005

The Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA / Crafts Show / 2003

Cherry Creek, CO / Crafts Show / 2004

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR / “Throwing Stones” (2-man show with Kevin Titzer) / 2004

Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC / 2005

Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, VA / 2005

The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ / “The Fine Art of the Decoy” (group show) / 2006

The Works Gallery, PA / One Man Show / 2006

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR / “The Other” / Group Show Curated by and Including William Skrips / 2007

Stamford, CT / “Tossed and Found” / Sculptural Commission / 2007

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR / “Little Stories” / One Man Show / 2007

Wallflowers, NJ / One Man Show / 2010

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, OR / “Shine A Light” / Group Show Curated by and Including William Skrips / 2012

Andersen Consulting, TX / Corporate Collection
The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ / Permanent Collection
Crayola, PA / Corporate Collection
Charles and Lynn Kramer, NJ / Personal Collection
Christopher Koehler, PA / Personal Collection
Mohawk Industries, GA / Corporate Collection

New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship / 2001

Found Object Art and the Artists / Dorothy Spencer / Schiffer Publications / 2002
Dream Makers / Brochure / Crayola Publications / 2002
Found Object Art 2 / Schiffer Publications / 2009
The Fine Art of the Tin Can

Interview with James Carroll / Berks County, PA TV / 2003
“How Do You Know” / Sculpture used prominently in the film/ 2011